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NAME OF THE ASSOCIATION: Pandu College Alumni Association (PCAA)



Though the college was established in 1962 and as many as 40 batches of students passed out of this college, the necessity was never felt to form a forum for alumni until the advent of NAAC. It is rather the idea generated by this organization that helped in the birth of An Alumni Association of Pandu College. A general meeting was called for this purpose in the last part of 2002 in the college by the initiative of some teachers who happened to be alumni of the college. An Adhoc committee came into existence in the month of November 2002. The committee decided to pay more attention to the membership drive and collect as many names as possible. It was not an easy job to get information about 40 batches of students and however, all connection were explored to get linkages who are spread all over the country and also in the other parts of the world. After several small meetings, a general meeting was organized this year only in the month of November (2003) to form a full-fledged committee. This committee has taken some decisions, which will be implemented in due course of time. It has yet to place its constitution in the general body meeting and get approval.


It is better to confess frankly that PCAA could not do any things because it is still in the teething stage. However, some efforts are there in the individual and group level which may be mentioned here to slow our concern.

  1. An aluminous doctor is checking the health of hostellers on monthly basis for the last two years and rendering his help.
  2.  Some alumni rendering their help in the form of honorary services in teaching and as guest lecture. Mention may be made here of Sri pankaj kalita who is talking classes in Chemistry department since September this year. Sri Debashish Mitra and Sri Gorapada Biswas were helping the Computer Application Department for maintenance of computers.
  3. The Chemistry department of this college has formed a sub-committee of its alumni and formed a committee. They collected some funds and installed fire extinguishers in three laboratories.


The permanent committee formed in 23 November 2003 has the following composition:-

Name Designation Phone No
Advisors Dr Ratneswar Sarma Former Principal
Dr. Prabin Ch. Sarma Former Principal
Dr.B.C.Das Purkayastha Principal
President Dr. Prabin Ch.Das Secretary,University Classes, G.U 98640-51559/ 2570538 (o) 2570538 (R)
Working president Dr Umesh Deka, Prof & Head Dept of MIL, G.U.
Vice President Mrs. Bakul Ghose (Dhar) S.O., N.F.Rly 2570807 (R) 98640-17783
Sri Ujjal Bhowmick Ex G.S. 2670701(o) 2572811 (R) 98640-89120
Sri Dulal Bhatta S.A Pandu College 2571734 (R)
Sri Kamal Baishya Ex G.S 2541797 (R) 98640-34723
Sri Harendra Ch Das Social worker
General Secretary Sri Kamalesh Gupta Ex G.S 2570917
Sri Ashok Bharali Ex G.S 98640-60924/ 2572057 (R)
Sri Nabajyoti Patowary Ex G.S 2850032 (R)
Sri Binay Medhi Ex G.S 2841056 (R) 98640-48640
Mrs AnuradhaBose (Kundu) Lecturer, Pandu College 2471825 (R)
Treasurer Sri Manoj Sarma Lecturer, Pandu College 2631787 (R)
Members Sri Subrata Dutta Councillor, GMC 2571940 (R)
Sri Chandan Barman Ex G.S 2570955
Sri Joydeep Chakraborty Lecturer S.S.A, Guwahati 2662941 (R)
Sri Liladhar Hazarika Head Master, GU Model School 2572712 (R)
Sri Birlang Narzary Lecturer, Pandu College 94350-11082
Dr. Dhiraj Bhattacharjee Practising Physician
Ms Sabita Barua H.M. Rabindra Vidyapith
Sri Rajat Das Gupta Businessman
Sri Bhakti Dey Tarafder Sr.Officer, S.B.I, Main 2573107 (R)
Sri Debashish Ghatak Office SBI 2670630 (R)
Sri Amiya Das N.F.Rly Maligaon 2670546 (R)
Sri Shyamal Biswas Columnist & Teacher 2571193 (R)
Sri Timir Dey Lecturer Pandu College 2672396 (R)
Sri Arun Banik Sri Arun Banik 2574986 (R)
Sri Udayan Biswas Editor, Samay Prabaha 2572613 (R)
Sri Naba Barman
Sri Pratap Bordoloi News Editor, Guwahati Doordarshan 2200119(o)
Dr Hironmoy Paul Sr.D.M.O, N.F.Rly Central Hospital 2670666 (R)
Dr Dipak Sarkar Practicing Physician
Sri Ajit Seal Professor, Govt Arts College
Sri Jayabrata Banerjee Businessman 98640-16996
Mrs Anju Bhattacharjee Sr. Lecturer, Pandu College
Sri Sanjib Das Ex G.S.
Sri Kanu Lal Paul Regional Manager, Johnson & Johnson
Sri Ranjan Kr. Saharia
Sri Partha Sarathi Biswas Ex G.S. 2571193 (R)
Mrs Mithu Deb Roy Subject Teacher, Bengali Boy's H.S. School


The committee adopted some short term and long-term programs for all round developments of the college as indicated below. The resource mobilization for these purposes will also be taken in due course of time.

Short Term Plans:

  • Holding Seminars on different subjects of academic and non-academic interest
  • Organizing workshop on Drama, Film appreciation etc
  • Health check-up camps for students and employees
  • Carrying out awareness programs on oral health & hygiene
  • Welfare Fund for Students
  • Scholarship to poor & needy students
  • Organizing Satya Kinkar Sen Memorial lecture
  • Book Bank for College Students
  • Felicitation of past teachers of Pandu College
  • Help for Physically dis-advantaged students

Long Term Projects:

  • Construction of a full-fledged Gymnasium hall in the campus.
  • Construction of a guest house for the college where alumni will get preference
  • Primary Health centre for the locality

Recent Activities:

During the Peer Team visit of NAAC in December 2003, PCAA in large numbers interacted with the team. It also presented a cultural evening. Performed by established artists of fame and alumni, which was appreciated by all. The association also hosted a grand dinner party on the evening of 8th December 2003.

Chemistry Alumni segment of the association gifted Fire extinguishers for all the Chemistry Laboratories. They formed a separate sub. Committee aiming to work for the development of the Chemistry department and enjoy fellowship by meeting at least once a year.

A health check up cum diabetes detection camp was organized by the association on 9th October 2004 for all the employees of Pandu College & their family as well. The camp was attended by the alumni doctors Dr. Hironmoy Paul, Dr. Dipak Sarkar & Dhiraj Bhattacharjee. All together 87 persons registered for this camp and got advise from doctors.

Work on Hand:

A blood donation awareness camp was organized in Nov/Dec 2004 and fund raising program through musical night is also proposed.

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