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HOD: Dr. Aniruddha Sarma

botanyBiotechnology Department is a newly established department which is proved to be very active in academic as well as co-curricular activities. The department is maintaining a cordial relationship with the scientific institutions like Horticulture Research Station, Kahikushi; ICAR Complex, Kahikuchi; Forest Laboratory, Kahilipara; NDPGR, Barapani; etc and avail their laboratory and other facilities for the benefit of students. Moreover possesses a well equipped air conditioned laboratory with modern electronic and electrical instruments. Some important facilities available in the department are:

* Mushroom cultivation unit

* Vermicompost unit

* Azalea cultivation.

* Root top garden with hydroponics.

The Department of Biotechnology, Pandu College, since its inception in 2003, has been offering three years degree course (TDC) in this subject to the desired students who wish to take up Biotechnology either as a professional course or as a general course. At present, the courses in this department include:

  • ØB.Sc. Biotechnology, which is a three year professional course under G.U. for which per semester fees is Rs 20,000/*-. Total seat capacity is 20 and selection of the students sought for admission is strictly on merit basis. In this course communicative English in 01st semester and Environmental studies 03rd semester (each of 100 marks) compulsory.
  • ØBiotechnology General, in which the students will have to take up either Botany or Zoology with Biotechnology as a subject and Chemistry as a compulsory subject. An extra Rs 6000*/- is required for the subject. This course has 15 seat capacities.

* The fee structure is subject to change

You are here: Home Departments Biotechnology