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Urmimala Hazarika

Associate Professor & HOD
Department of Philosophy
Pandu College
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Urmimala Hazarika has been awarded her Ph.D. on 01-05-2011

Topic: “A Socio-Religious Approach to the study of Bio-ethical problems”.





Name of Seminars/Workshop Topic

Name of Sponsored Agency

26-10-10 to


Presented paper entitled:

Human Experimentation: Do we have really solution?

National Seminar

Indian Council of philosophical Research & Gauhati University

15-11-10 to


Workshop on

“Jayanta Hazarika Geet”

Pandu College Cultural Committee

04-01-10 &


Attended National seminar on

“State and Governance in NE States”

Dept. of Political Science, Pandu College and NEIPSA (UGC sponsored)


Attended workshop on

“ Re- structuring   Undergraduate Curriculum and Discussion on UGC Guidelines and Govt. Rules and Regulations

Assam College Teacher’s Association, Guwahati , Assam


Attended State Level workshop on

“Choice Based Credit   System and Re- structuring of Under graduate Curriculum”

Pandu College Teachers’ Unit in association with Assam College Teachers Association.



Name of Seminars/Workshop Topic

Name of Sponsored Agency


Attended Seminar on

“Trends in Analytic Philosophy: Western and Eastern Perspective”

UGC and Dept. Of Philosophy Cotton College


Attended workshop on

“Assam Colege Management Rules and UGC Regulations”

Pandu College Teacher’s Unit


*Published one Article on “Human Experimentation: Do we have really solution?” was published in the Journal “ Social Science Humanities and Literature” (2011). ISBN No. 13 978 – 81- 920742 – 5 -3

*Contributed Articles in “ Darrsanar Biswakosh” ( Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

*Published Article in PCTU Bulletin on ‘Autism’ ( Published in 2011-2012)

*Published Summary of Doctoral Thesis in the Journal of Assam College Teachers’ Association- Vol.5 (2013).  ISBN-978-81-920 635-5-3


Extra Curricular and Co-curricular Activities:

*Member of Syllabus Committee of New Degree Course Semester System, Gauhati University.

*Appointed as a writer of K.K. Handique Open University.

*The book entitled “The Philosophy of Sankaradeva: An Appraisal” has been accepted as a Text Book for coming New Degree Course Semester System, where Dr. U. Hazarika contributed one article on “Bioethical Dilemma and Teachings of Sankardeva”

*Trustee and active member of ‘Navakanta Baruah Foundation.”

*Trustee and member of ‘Junuka” – a school for socially disadvantaged children.

*Organized a workshop on ‘Jayanta Hazarika Geet’ on 15-11-10 and 16-11-10.

*Member of Editorial Board of the book entitled “The Brahmaputra and Beyond’ published by Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, Pandu College.

*Convener of Cultural Development Committee of Pandu College, Golden Jubilee Cultural Committee.

*Member of IQAC

*Member of University Women’s Association.

*Life member of Indian Philosophy Congress.

*Expert in Academic Selection Committee.

 *Organized workshop on “Ambikagiri Roy Choudhury’s Geet” on 25.03.14




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