It would not be any exaggeration if it is said that the library of a college is an essential pre-requisite for successful implementation of higher educational programmes. The library is the heart of the college. The character and efficiency of any college can be gauged by its treatment of its central organ, the Library.

Pandu College Library is one of the best college libraries in Assam in providing efficient service to the readers. It is a place of attraction for the students. The library has been aiming to supplement the knowledge of the students, which they acquire from their teachers. Presently the library is under the control of full-fledged library staff.

The library is in the main building. It is well stocked with more than 32,600 texts and reference books, more than a dozen of local and national newspapers, journals and other information sources like maps, globes, floppy discs, CD.ROMs etc. The library has a reading room for students and an space is kept exclusively to teachers.

Pandu College follows open Access System reducing the barriers between the books and readers. Students are allowed to go to the stacks of books and have direct access to the best thoughts of the world preserved for centuries in books.

The library remains open from 09.30 a.m. to 04.30 p.m. the library is expending its access to electronic and digital resources. Pandu College offers BEST READERS AWARD to the student who makes the best use of the library to increase the reading habit among the students.


Following sections describe the nature and development of the Library:

1. General:

Name of the Library : Pandu College Library
System of the Library : Open Access System
Working Days : 6 days a week but trying to remain library
open on holidays also.
Working Hours of the Library : 09.30 a.m. to 04.30 p.m.
Area of the Library: 2350 sq. ft. (77 ft. / 32 ft.)
(a) Reading Room: 33 ft. / 32 ft.
(b) Stack & Processing Area: 44 ft. / 32 ft.

2. Present Library Staff :

There are presently 6(six) Library staff. The names and positions are shown below:

Sl. No. Position Name Qualification
Librarian Dr. Gouri Sankar Karmakar  MLISc. PGDCA, PhD(GU)
Asstt. Librarian Mr. Partha Pratim Sarma  MLISc
Library Asstt. Mrs. Gita Rani Devi
Library Bearer Mr. Premananda Das
Library Bearer Mr. Sarat Chandra Sarma
Library Bearer (N/S) Mr. Rubul Bhagawati

3. Collection:


Total Nos. of Books : 41982

Journal / e-Journal/ e-Books Magazine/ :

Total Nos. of Current Journal / Magazine subscribed to during the year 2014/2015 :44
5000+ e-journals and 97000 e-books under NLIST Programme


Total No. of Newspapers subscribed to during the year 2006/2007 : 14

Others :

CD-ROMs 176
Floppy Discs 12
Maps 5
Globes 1
Back Volumes 135

4. Library Members:

Students get membership at the time when they take admission in to the college. But the students have to apply separately to obtain library cards. 

5. Library Visit:

Maximum number of Library Visit in one day by the:
Students 405
Teachers 21

6. Fund Allocation:

Funds are allocated to Different Departments in each session .


1. Stack Area:
All the processed books have been kept in 61 wooden almirahs, 1 book case, 8 steel racks and 2 wide wooden book case. The books are arranged in a classified order according to the Class Numbers. Subject guide is displayed in prominent place to guide the users.

2. Technical Section:
The books and other reading materials are being classified using DDC 20th (Dewey Decimal Classification 20th Edition) and AACR-II (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules 2nd Edition) for cataloguing purposes. 80% of the books had to be re-classified and re-catalogued. Duties of the Library Staff have been specified in a staff manual to speed up the work flow of the library. 

3. Reference Section:
Reference Books have been separated from the textbooks which were mixed up previously. Reference books are kept near the librarian's working table so as to make readily available any specific information required by the users. 

4. Journal & Newspaper Section: 
Journals and Newspapers have been organized separately on the stacks near the Teachers' Reading Table. A list of Journals and Newspapers currently subscribed to by the college library have been compiled in order to keep the teachers, students and staff informed as to which journals and newspapers are available in the library.

5. Book Bank Section: 
There are total 1616 books for book bank and these books are issued to Backward class students and economically poor students.

6. Back Volume Section:
The old loose issues of the journals got bound and kept in a separate place in a classified order.

7. Circulation Section: 
For Circulation Control of reading materials Browne System is followed. Readers Tickets with the "Library Rules" are issued to the students at the time of Admission in to the college. Readers may get complete information about the library through this publication. Days are fixed for circulation control for different category of users. 

8. New Arrival Display: 
Newly processed books are kept at a prominent place for one week or more to attract and to bring these to the notice of the users.


The Library Provides different types of services:

1. Reading Room Service
2. Reference and Information Service
3. Photocopy of Document Service
4. INTERNET Service
5. E-mail Service
6. Database Search Service
7. CD-ROM Search Service
8. Current Awareness Service

After Mr. Mukut Sarmah's joining as Librarian on 27th November, 1998 he took up the work of reorganizing the whole library on modern lines.

1. Computerisation:

Computer has been introduced in the library activities in 1999 and automation of library started phase wise. A Pentium - II computer was purchased in 1999 for computerizing the Library activities. Cataloguing was done using UNESCO developed old version of library software package CDS/ISIS and it has been updated to WINISIS version in February, 2003.

A HP DeskJet printer with Photocopy and Scanning facility is also available in the library. Various reports, letters, notices, new additions list, list of journals are prepared with this printer.

2. Databases:
Different databases that have been designed on the basis of type of reading materials received by the library. There are total 7(seven) databases that have been created and designed for different types of resources available in the library which can be listed as follows:

1. PCL-1 for Books (Reference and Text Books)
2. PCL-2 for Periodicals
3. PCL-3 for Newspapers
4. PCL-4 for CD-ROMs
5. PCL-5 for Magnetic Disc
6. PCL-6 for Back Volumes

After training of the librarian from INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad and installation of SOUL in the Pandu College Library in the month of May, 2005 the databases have been converted into SOUL software. Barcode technology has been introduced for fast and accurate circulation service. All the house keeping operations of the library are carried out through the computer.

3. Digital Library Division:
Digital library division is created with the CD-ROMs received free of cost with books and journals. There are more than 115 CDs and Floppy Disks on various subjects. Most of the CDs contain important softwares, encyclopaedias, directory, tutorials and so on. Students and teachers are allowed to use the CDs for reference.

4. Computer Network:
A work-group network has been set up with four computers including the library. With this files, databases, printer, CD-ROM drives are shared.


Compilation and publication of a monthly "New Additions to Pandu College Library" was started in, 1999. In order to make it more useful and currently aware about new books added to the collection the publication is photocopied and circulated to every department. It gives statistical information also for every department about the new books added to a particular subject.

"Library Rules" - a separate publication is issued to every new library user to make acquaint with the system and services of the library.


From the 2002-03 library orientation programme has been introduced and students are made aware about the facilities and services of the library.


To inculcate reading habit among the students an award was announced in 2000/2001 which is known as "Best Reader Award" and every year one student is selected and the award is given. Our record shows that there is a very good impact on the students by announcing the award. It has helped the students to train themselves the art of self-education. A Certificate and a packet of Books.


The library has been facing space problem for last few years. We have a plan to extend the library building. All sections will be arranged in different rooms. The Library has also a plan to purchase more computers and to set up a local area network within the library and install a network version of library management software. Terminals will be kept in different sections and all the activities will be computerised. Users will be able to search the catalogue through the terminals. Library Orientation Programme will be extended further and emphasis will be given to create more regular users of the library.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT LIBRARIAN AT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.