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The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college has been working actively since its beginning...


The primery objective of IQAC is to stimulate an academic environment for promotion of teaching-learning and research hand in hand. An effort to channelize changes towards all round development of students through facilitation, community participation and sensitization to social and ethical issues. 





IQAC Meetings



Former Coordinators of IQAC


IQAC Members

Chairman:     Dr. Jogesh Kakati, Principal
Coordinator:  Mr. Navajyoti Borah
Members:     Mr. Manu Mahanta
                    Dr. Ruma Medhi
                    Dr. Binita Tamuli Barman
                    Mr. Ajay Prasad Saikia
                    Mr. Dipjyoti Barman
                    Dr. Sanchay Jyoti Bora
                    Mr. Sanjib Kumar Barman
                    Dr. Aparna Dutta Saha
                    Dr. Gouri Sankar Karmakar



Annual Report 2011-12

Annual Report 2008-09

Annual Report 2007-08

Annual Report 2006-07






You are here: Home News and Events IQAC